This Full Moon in Virgo arrives on March 7th, 2023

When we hear Virgo, we often think of people who are super organized and clean freaks. It’s partly true Virgoian people tend to like things organized, but Virgo is so much deeper than that…It’s about cleansing and healing on a deep soul level.


This Full Moon, themes around cleansing will be amplified and we may feel called to look at the areas of our life ready we are ready to detox and cut cords.

The ancient origin of the Virgo symbol is a virgin which represented the highest ideal of purification. It was believed a woman was most connected to god before she was introduced to sexuality.

While this old view of Virgo may be an outdated patriarchal ideal, the sign still represents purity, fertility and spiritual devotion.


Virgo is also connected to the archetype of the High Priestess – one who is deeply devoted to her spiritual path and connected to esoteric wisdom. Her commitment to spiritual purity is in service and devotion to the divine. She is the one doing offerings at the altar, cleansing herself and others and walking the path of celibacy.


This Full Moon we can use the powerful Virgo energy to cleanse and purify our own lives. We can do this in many ways – through ritual, through cleansing and detoxing our bodies, or through our minds – using trauma release techniques, breathwork and prayer. Whatever method we feel called to, there are many ways to purify our lives and bodies.

There’s no greater time to do this than a Virgo Full Moon.

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