Join me on charity trip in Nepal, November 2020

Vita Association aims to support, help and promote beneficial projects for people, especially children, who live in a difficult situation, so that they can have a better life. Due to a difficult situation we have found ourself in,  it is very important to think about people who are in need. Therefore, I am organising a new charity trip in Nepal in November 2020, which you can join.

Charity trip in Nepal

If you would like to join me or simply help in my charity cause please continue to read my blog and let’s make this world a better place. I am building an orphanage from a scratch starting from 2017. Currently it can hold up to 30 kind but with our effort we can extend it and change someones life. 

There are two ways you can join my cause. I will describe both of them to get a better picture.

  1. First one is to come with me on a trip to Nepal in November . There you will join me in the orphangae where we will stay one to two weeks spending time with kinds and their guardians.  You will be able to explore their beautiful culture as well as show them yours. Therefore, you won’t be only a tourist but a part od community. The project I am working there since 2017 is building the full orphanage, so you can see directly where your donation is going. Here are couple of pictures from my stay there last year so you can get a better picture.  If you are interest please do let me know for further information.
  2. The second one would be to give direct donation in case you can’t join us on this wonderful trip. Like I mentioned before, we are building a completely new orphanage since 2017 with current capacity up to 30 kids. Every donation counts so please do let me know if you want to participate in any way to help less fortunate than us.

How to participate to vita association cause

1) Madrinato / Padrinato

– 50 CHF or 45 EURO for monthly financial support for a child

– 600 CHF or 550 EURO for annual financial support for a child

This fee includes: nutritional subsistence, school supplies, clothes and medical and pharmacological assistance.

We recommend to support a child for a minimum of three years so that child will have the opportunity of long term support.

2) Completion of an orphanage with two bedrooms: 5’000 CHF or 4’500 Euro

3) Completion of an orphanage with two toilets: 1’500 CHF or 500 euros

4) Farm animals: 250 CHF or 200 euros

We are also looking for people interested in coming to Nepal, next spring, in April, or next fall in November to spend a volunteer charity trip.

For information please contact us at

Conto ufficiale Banca UBS SA, Lugano, Svizzera

Conto EURO:

IBAN: CH200024724713726240B


Conto CHF:

IBAN: CH4000247247137262M1N


Thank you very much for your support!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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