How to become an influencer for a better world?

Would you like to become an influencer for a social cause or learn how to use your influence to make a good impact for the world? If yes, continue to read this written by someone who won the philanthropy world blogger award.


As someone who was born in 1st world country surrounded by everything I never really realised that this was a big privilege. As more I was traveling in different countries I realised that there is a lot of problems in the world and if we don’t start acting today who knows what will tomorrow bring.  From 2014 I became ambassador of “Nourish The Children Foundation” which provides food to schools in different countries. In 2017 I started to build an orphanage in Nepal which todays can accomodate up to 30 children. There is nothing more beautiful than a children’s happiness. I was also working in fashion and saw the bad impact it has on the environment and surroundings so I started with project “Make Fashion Not War” which I wore on almost every fashion show.  In 2019 I was nominated as philanthropy blogger and won the nomination.

Today my mission is to aware the people about the problems we are facing due to climate change and social inequality.

I consider Influencers can make a big impact so I really hope we can make some changes together.


How to become an influencer for a better world? I would say the first thing is to make yourself aware about issues in the World and find the one you think you could invest the most in.

Some example of global issues are poverty, diseases, desertification, malnutrition, regional conflict,Child poverty and abuse and global education problem. Then, weapons, pollution, health, women rights… (cfr the 17 sustainable development goals by United Nation)

So how to start?

It is really not that difficult as every little move counts and together we can make a difference. If every person changes something the world would be a better place.  If you can’t find a cause by yourself yet, feel free to check some of the ideas I am writing down.



The first step I suggest is to support The Nourish The Children Initiative  and eventually become an ambassador of this project. Here is an explanation so take a look at it.


Donate for Vita Meal

  1. Maximising the impact:  The donation of these meals creates opportunities to improve the lives of others through education, jobs and teaching self-sufficiency.
  2. Attracting children to school: Vita Meal donation are generally distributed through school programs because parents living in poverty often send their children to school to enable them to get a free meal, rather than keep them home to work.
  3. Ensuring a steady flow of donations: Asiscon figured as a commercial venture capital, Nourish the Children facilitates consistent and increasing donations by offering an incentive to buy, donate and promote VitaMeal.
  4. Create economic opportunities: TheVitaMeal plants in Malawiand Chinareduce transportation costs and help local economies.
  5. To contribute to self-sufficiency: Part of the proceeds from purchases of VitaMealis donated to fund agricultural education in the village of Mtalimanja, in Malawi. The increase in agricultural production could someday alleviate the food needs in Malawi.

How You can buy the VitaMeal package exclusively on the website:





The other option would be to join me on a charity trip to Nepal. Check out my blog under the section

“Join me on charity trip in Nepal”


If you can’t participate to a charity trip but you still would like to make a donation to Vita Association to support the project you can donate to the following charity back account

VITA ASSOCIATION Official UBS SA Lugano, Switzerland

IBAN: CH200024724713726240B


Hope I gave you some ideas and thank you for your support.

Let’s change the World for better!

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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