I have the pleasure to finally hare with you the video of Super Chic Milano fashion week. I had the honor to host the event and present international designers to showcase their collections from swimwear to eyewear, from cashmere and casual wear to evening gowns, form bags to hats. A beautiful selections of brands and talented emerging designers that need to be discovered and appreciated more. As a influencer and fashion designer myself it’s important to give an opportunity to talented artist and designers. Discover in this video Alessia Siena swimwear collection, Bambood Sunglasses collection, Mirella De Mori cashmere collection, Be Kind casual collection, DS Lifestyle Social bag collection, Modista Style hats collection and many more.


Event organized by Super Chic Fashion Week international Models by Casin Arts & Models Miami


Patrocino by Women Talent System


Video by V Production


Foto by Gianluca Chiarello

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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