Today Valentina Nessi, founder of V Fashion World made an IG LIVE with Carry Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution Organisation world’s largest fashion activism movement. Carry a couple of months ago was also a crew member of the Exxpedition, a sailing mission around the world to study the micro-plastics pollutions ┬áin the oceans.


The fashion industry create a lot of waist and pollution so one of the mission of @fash_rev is to bring more awareness and try to make a more sustainable fashion industry where brands are more careful of using sustainable fabrics and give also to workers better work conditions to not repeat the tragedy of Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in April 2013. In fact after tomorrow is the Fashion Revolution Day, to remember and never forget this event.

Bring more awareness to consumers to not buy too much clothes. A conscious consumer will better choose quality instead of quantity.


Watch the video and leave a comment below or better directly on Youtube Channel!


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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