Today in occasion of the Fashion Revolution DayI would like to repost this photo I took in Paris few years ago in occasion of the Haute Couture fashion week! I didn’t know yet the existence of @fash_rev but I was already a “Revolutionaire” I made this embroidered t-shirt in Nepal with written #fashionrevolution and yesterday I discovered the @fashrevnepal page! It’s incredible the coincidence that happened in life! I believe that we attract what we feel. Do you believe in the law of attraction? 

Anyways today is the #fashionrevolutionday and I would like to repost the message of Fashion Revolution post and the story of the history, vision and mission of @fash_rev 

Seven years ago today, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed and took the lives of at least 1,134 people and injured another ~2,500. Most of the victims were young women and they were making clothes for some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. 
In the days and hours that preceded this tragedy, cracks appeared in the building walls and workers expressed their fears. Management told the workers to return to work, even when the retail shops and banks on the ground floor of the complex closed. It wasn’t just managers, but lurking order deadlines and production quotas from powerful corporations that lead to these workers being sent back inside. It was the insatiable fashion industry that forced these garment workers to keep working. And it was the lack of union representation that left these workers powerless to defy orders. 
These workers, some 5,000 of them, worked in fear. And the clothes they made in fear were shipped around the world, to major retailers and fashion brands, and they were bought by us. Though we’ll never know for sure if we bought and wore the products of their fear, we know that even one t-shirt, pair of jeans or dress made in fear is one too many. 
There were 29 brands identified in the rubble. It would take years for some of them to pay compensation. For some families, providing DNA evidence to claim that compensation would never be possible. To this day many of the survivors are unemployed and suffer from severe trauma. 

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If you have time and you are interested about this argument you can watch THIS VIDEO Interview I made a few days ago with Carry Somers, the founder of Fashion Revolution Organisation, the largest fashion activism movement in the world.

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