What do you guys think about freedom?

Do you not sometimes have the impression that we are maneuvered by majeure force / superior powers?

I have the impression that there is someone who is making fun of us all. This situation is pure madness!


Let’s try to open our eyes and try to see beyond appearances, beyond what the media tell us. Let’s try to think with our mind without repeating like parrots what others says or tell us to say. Do not let your mind be manipulated and your freedom imprisoned! I am not saying to run away but to think about this situation. Only with consciousness and intelligence we could understand, even if only partially, the reason for all this!


Knowledge and awareness will not set us free, but will make us better men and better women. If this moment, considered “dark” for all the victims of the virus and for the economic crisis that is being created, we try to shed some “light” to understand and react as dignifiedly as possible. Let’s help each other, without any racial or cultural discrimination.


#worldjustice #socialjustice #freedom #freedomthinkers #stopcoronavirus


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