Charity event: City Angels receives the VITA Award by Valentina Nessi President of Vita Association


Charity event: City Angels receives the VITA Award by Valentina Nessi President of Vita Association


Milan, Saturday 14 December, the Christmas event of the Milanese Association Amici della Lirica was held, organized by president Daniela Javarone, from this year also Vice President of the Milan Music Conservatory.


During the event a charity lottery was held, of which the proceeds will be donated to the City Angels activities of which Daniela Javarone is godmother and in part to “Natale insieme” which will offer the lunch on Christmas day to the elderly.


An event dedicated to solidarity, the stylist and philanthropist blogger award 2019 Valentina Nessi has awarded Mario Furlan president and founder of City Angels Milan for his commitment to solidarity in helping the septum and people in need. Vita Association, of which Valentina Nessi is President, has created the VITA AWARD award to reward people who engage in social work.


Another career award was received by Daniela Cuzzolin Oberosler for having made a significant contribution to television journalism in Italy and especially during her RAI services carried out on TGR Lombardia. The award was presented by Daniela Javarone, President of the Milan Association Amici della Lirica.


During the evening, Mario Javarone presented the last book by Silvana Giacobini “La schiava bianca” starring a mystery writer,


Among those present was the councilor for social policies Stefano Bolognini, the journalist Loris Gai, Raffaello Tonon. Cesarina Ferruzzi, Gianluca Bertoletti the designer Valentina Nessi and the blogger Alessia Siena.


Event Location: Chateau Monfort Milan


La stilista e philanthropist blogger award 2019 Valentina Nessi ha premiato Mario Furlan presidente e fondatore di City Angels Milano per il suo impegno di solidarietà nell’aiutare i senza setto e persone bisognose. Vita Association, di cui Valentina Nessi è Presidente, ha creato il premio VITA AWARD proprio per premiare le persone che si impegnano nel sociale.

Daniela Cuzzolin Oberosler ha ricevuto il premio alla carrieraper aver dato un significativo contributo al giornalismo televisivo in Italia e in particolar modo durante i suoi servizi RAI realizzati sul TGR Lombardia. Il riconoscimento è stato consegnato da Daniela Javarone, Presidente dell’Associazione Milanese Amici della Lirica.  

Valentina Nessi assieme a Sergio Castelli Vice Presidente di City Angels e Alessia Siena blogger e stilista di moda.

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