Visit to the Orphanage in Nepal

Visit to the new orphanage in Nepal

In early November, after the Halloween charity event (click here to see the video of the event) I left for Nepal. This is the fourth time I have traveled to this country. Since the first time, in March 2016 I fell in love with Nepali people, so kind, friendly, always cheerful and happy. Their simplicity, humility and desire to do is a great example and admiration.

This year I left with my parents, who have enthusiastically and generiously joined this project.

The trip to the orphanage in the Shindupalchok was very tiring, five hours off-road, up and down the mountains and remote villages.

But when I arrived the fatigue of the trip disappeared seeing the children who welcomed us with joy. They gived us a necklace of flowers. At the end of the welcoming ceremony we had about twenty necklaces of fragrant flowers. Very special and exciting ritual.

The construction of the orphanage, which is almost finished, is very beautiful, colorful and welcoming. They have prepared a bedroom for us too. The children, Mrs. Meena Thapa and her husband were delighted to welcome us and spend some days with them. We arrived during the Diwali celebrations, a very important Hindu holiday.

We were very happy to celebrate with them Diwali but also the inauguration of the new farm of the orphanage, which in addition to goats and chickens we bought a cow with a calf. These animals provide fresh milk and eggs every day.

The ten meters of rope we bought in a small village before the orphanage was immediately transformed into a beautiful swing!

Playing, eating, dancing and drawing with these sweet children, ranging from 5 to 14 years was a wonderful experience !!! When we had to say hello to get back to Katmandu, a little bit of our heart stayed with them, with the promise that we will be back soon!

Thanks Meena, thank you Umesh, thank you Orion for the love and dedication you give to all children and to our project!

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the realization of this beautiful orphanage.


There are still two bedrooms and two bathroomsand the subsistence to keep the children.

If you wish to support this long-term project, you can donate:


– 50 CHF or 45 EURO for monthly financial support for a child

– 600 CHF or 550 EURO for annual financial support for a child


This fee includes: nutritional subsistence, school supplies, clothes and medical-pharmacological assistance.

We recommend support for a child for a minimum of three years so that child support is ongoing and private opportunities are not to be considered private.

Or you can make a free donation to the Vita Association, the official bank account UBS AG, Lugano, Switzerland


Conto EURO:

IBAN: CH200024724713726240B



Conto CHF:

IBAN: CH4000247247137262M1N



Thank you for your help and support


Thank you for your help and support.

Together for a better world!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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