Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas in the Philippines

The Christmas period in the Philippines is characterized by special lights and colors, thanks to the festival of giant lanterns, based on the experience of the communities that participate together with the craft activities and then the festivities.

Lanterns are built entirely by hand using paper and other materials.

Their shape is discoidal with a diameter that exceeds even seven to eight meters, but the visual impact is accentuated by the fact that they are very colorful and characterized by very colorful and articulated geometric patterns.

The festival of giant lanterns, in the Filipino language Parul Sampernandu, is therefore a typical Christmas festivity very special and scenic that involves various villages, creating a playful and exciting competition between groups competing to build the most beautiful lantern … the result is assured, because the competitive spirit allows the various village teams to give their best.

The giant lanterns are then backlit with light bulbs, however, candles were once used. In any case, the symbolic and spiritual meaning is very clear: Christian Christmas is welcomed with joy and happiness is celebrated with a cheerful homage to life. Colors are the symbol of celebration and birth, and the symbolic light of Christ and of life itself that illuminates and contrasts with darkness.

All this creates an atmosphere full of Christmas joy and spiritual value.


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