Christmas in Sweden


Christmas in Sweden

Christmas in Sweden is a party deeply felt and loved by all the people. How can you describe the atmosphere of Swedish Christmas? Everything is characterized by the white snow, the sparkling air and the lights that shine, making the landscapes “magical”. Everywhere you can find Christmas markets and smell the sweet spices spiced with cinnamon and ginger. If you look around, you begin to notice the windows lit from inside with the traditional candlestick with seven candles or lights.

The beauty is that these candlesticks are everywhere, from houses to shops and even in offices and medical clinics. This is certainly one of the most special traditions of the Swedish Christmas period, but there is a rather extravagant, that is to make a bonfire with the goat Yule.

The goat Yule is an object that depicts a goat in fact, but made by hand with straw and red ropes. During the period of the advent, some local volunteers built this bizarre object more than ten meters tall, exposing it to the center of the famous Gäule Castle Square.

From now on, everyone is waiting for Christmas Eve, when the goat Yule will be burned and transformed into a huge bright bonfire that heats everyone! This particular tradition represents a great fun for the Swedes, which springs from the spectacle of the event, but above all it is a moment of conviviality in which it is basically warming up with the fire, admiring the snowy but somewhat dark landscape, which is so illuminated and heated.

It is a true community experience in which fire is certainly not a threat but rather light, the heat that refreshes and cheers the city community.


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