DG The Great Show Cancelled


The Dolce Gabbana show in China has been canceled

WHY ? Because Dolce & Gabbana have published a provocative video against Chinese culture. The girl in the video does not seem to eat cannoli, a typical Italian dessert and someone also says that the cannolo is too big to create a hidden relationship with the sexual parties of Italian men who are bigger than the Chinese penis. The video has been considered racist. The video is not vulgar or bad, but provocative. The fact is that someone has commented on the message directed to Stefano Gabbana saying that the video is racist and Stefano Gabbana replied that “China is a country of shit”. This sentence has caused scandal and worldwide causing the anger of the millions of Chinese who have started to trash  Dolce Gabbana clothes or making inappropriate uses such as cleaning the toilet. There are some who have destroyed Dolce Gabbana’s clothes with scissors or burned them. It is surprising how the news circumnavigated through the Internet and in particular on the Instagram page @diet_prada 


You can see the video of the spot that has been censored. Video taken from an Italian TV2000 TV report

The most provocative scene is when they tell the girl “Is it too big for you?” referring to the male genitalia. How to say that Italians are the big year while the Chinese have a little cock.

Stefano Gabbana’s answer on Instagram: “China is a lousy, ignorant, dirty and stinking country.You can see the entire conversation and audience reactions on the @diet_prada Instgram page

The most infuriated Chinese have begun to destroy the gabbana clothes by cutting them, burning them or even using them as rags to clean the bathrooms.

The actress and singer Ariana Grande has stopped following Dolce Gabbana on Instagram. Ariana is often criticized by Stefano Gabbana.

In some stores in Italy, they started to write “who is dressed Dolce Gabbana can not enter”

What do you think about it? Did the Chinese do well to offend and get angry or their behavior exaggerated?

I invite all of you to take a stand and participate in the Chinese invitation to a challenge called: DG The Great Challenge to destroy or misuse a Dolce Gabbana fragrance.



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