DG The Great Challenge

Hi guys, did you read about the news that happened to Dolce Gabbana? (click here to read my previous post: DG The Great Show Canceled). The news is going around the world especially on social media.The @diet_prada page has posted all the answers by Stefano Gabbana where he insults the Chinese people saying” dirty , smelly, mafia … and Nation of shit “.

These statements by Stefano Gabbana have triggered the anger of several people, accusing him of being a racist.

Many Chinese people started to burn clothes or use them inappropriately like cleaning the toilet for example.


In protest of this fact I decided to start a Challenge called precisely: DG The Great Challenge where I invite everyone to make a video where you throw away a Dolce Gabbana dress or use it in an unusual way in my case I used a hat as a bowl for the dog.


Share your ideas and videos on Instagram. Remember to put the hashtag “DGTheGreatChallenge” and also tag @valentinanessi @vfashionworld and @diet_prada


thanks a lot


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