Couple: keys to success

Your relationship is in crisis or you have just started a new relationship or you just got married and want to know the keys to a good couple’s life? Watch this video interview with Psychoanalyst, Psychotherapist Jacob Azeroual specialized in Couple, Child and Anxio-depression. In this interview, we are talking about his new book entitled “Couple: keys to success“.

This work deals with several arguments: the respect, the treason, the tests of love by making concrete examples. one of the most loved phrases I have is:

“they are better respect without love than love without respect”

What I really liked about the book is that it’s not necessary to read it all in order from the first to the last page, but you can start with the last chapter for example because each chapter deals with an argument.

If you do not like reading too much you can also buy the audio version, on only 14,95 Euro. It’s great isn’it ?!

The book is available on those websites:

The book is on sale also in the shop L’Eclaireur Boissy on 10 Boissy Street Anglas street. We thank the manager of Boutique L’Eclaireur for welcoming us to this magnificent glamorous and artistic setting. If you continue to see all the pictures you will discover beautiful pieces of interior design. I loved the shop because with its living rooms, tables, sofas and different art objects you feel at home.

Jacob Azeroual has also written other books: “self-love begins with the love of others” and “take the child by the hand”. find more information on his website

If you already read the book let me know what you thought about it.



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