MAKE FASHION NOT WAR Street Show – Video & Interview

Last week, during the fashion week I marched or better expressed my opinion “make fashion not war” with a fashion street show. The idea of ​​this slogan came about when I started designing my collection, it was a politically unstable period, there were a lot of terrorist attacks and people lived in fear and terror. Instead of breaking down and remaining passive in the face of these attacks I wanted to react, in my way, I wanted to say my words, my facts … is born in this way my new T-SHIRT with the slogan ” make fashion not war “because fashion for me is not just clothing but also and above all a means of communication to express ourselves and our ideas.

I wanted to do this show / parade in Paris during the fashion week in front of the Grand Palais after the Chanel show. On this occasion I was able to interview influential people in the fashion world from Russia to China. Together with me international bloggers, the French Lutin en Folie, the Italian Alessia Siena and even Miss Tanzania. An international group, united without frontiers with a common goal: making fashion, making trends and making a difference.


This is also a philanthropic project because the t-shirt is made in Nepal and part of the proceeds helps to support women and children in that country.
The t-shirt is available for pre-orders, you can contact me directly by email if you are interested in ordering a t-shirt.

Thanks to all those who participated in this event and to those who wish to support this project.


Leggi l’articolo di Ticino News: L’influencer ticinese manifesta a Parigi: “fate la moda non la guerra”

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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