Is the look important when choosing a babysitter?

Is the look important when choosing a babysitter?

At the moment I do not have children yet, but some of my friends have and this debate has been born. After a meeting with Laura Sciolla PR of, a platform specialized in putting in contact babysitters and families, present in 9 nations of the world, the look is important but not all, he says.

The image is always important, according to a survey conducted by Sitly.

How ‘do the look of a babysitter at the time of the interview?

In general, the parents interviewed seem to impute more weight on the education of a babysitter rather than on her look, even overcoming the barrier of tattoos and piercings in favor of the ‘degree’.

The questionnaire showed that as many as 81% of Spanish parents stated that they would never take on a nanny not attentive to her look, a value followed by 68% of the Dutch and 50% of the Danes, but only 27% of the Italian parents and 20% of the Swiss ones indicated the look as an essential element to start the collaboration.

And yet, in Spain piercing or tattooing are discriminating in the selection, while in the rest of Europe they are negligible details.

Another theme taken into consideration in Sitly’s research is overweight, an element which, however, does not receive any attention except by 9% of Norwegian parents.

Reflecting on the results, Jules van Bruggen, CEO of the group, said: “Babysitters play an increasingly important role in the life of a family: parents expect the nannies to give a proper example to their children. And that’s why they are proving increasingly selective in the choice of candidate ».

The advice for Swiss babysitters who want to find a good job ( has landed in Switzerland at the end of 2017) is therefore trained on issues related to pedagogy and pediatric safety; as for the look … be yourself. While preserving good taste, we would like to add.

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