“Every trip experienced three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it”


The Falconeri Universe is imagined as a great international gate, experienced as a modern catwalk of versatile and eclectic trends and looks.

This is how Calzedonia Group Auditorium dedicated to the Fashion Show on September 12th, turns into a real airport. Check-in now and discover the new Falconer fall winter 2018 / 2019 collection.

The catwalk shows the models walking next to treadmill baggage, suitcase trolley and chairs which remind of the waiting chairs for boarding.

The illustration of the polish fashion artist Elena Ciuprina, together with Falconeri accessories, such as the lettering poncho, fo long with passengers during this journey. A journey through the new Autumn / Winter color palette for the brand; is yarn and themes, worked with creativity and tradition, are part of real Falconeri DNA.

A destination with a double track: on one side the national and international capitals where the brand is present such as Milano, Roma, Moscow, Athens, Vienna, Lugano, Locarno, Bern and the new opening in Lisbon. On the other side the trip will also have the new autumn / winter trends for both men and women.


Watch the finale of the Falconeri fashion show filmed by Swiss blogger influencer Valentina Nessi.


Discover also the full Falconeri trip in Verona with Valentina Nessi in the next post and on her Instagram story @valentinanessi

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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