Nuovi prodotti di bellezza da scoprire

To all my readers today I would like to introduce you to the new beauty products that I discovered in Paris through Agence Spirale. I told Valérie about my skin type that is very sensitive to temperature changes and to my hair that is very dry lately.

She introduced and advised me the following products:

  • Huile démaquillante visage et yeauxof the brand DHC a natural cleanser based on olive oil that in addition to removing make-up also moisturizes the skin to be combined with
  • Savon doux pour le visage DHC
  • base de maquillage DHC
  • another make-up remover byL’odaiteswith the respective night peeling
  • Pomissime’s Magic Pulp creamfor the face 
  • The capillary sprayby Pomissime together with the capillary capsulesto strengthen the hair
  • face mask Pell Off C10by Eneomey to apply in the evening before going to sleep, thanks to its enzymes makes a peeling effect, finally
  • the EGF Serum of BIO EFFECTis an Icelandic beauty brand. This last product is what most intrigued me most because it uses advanced biotechnology to replicate, in plants, growth factors, such as EGF, identical to human ones.

Did you find this article interesting? Which products do you use every day? Want to know more about these products?

I will show you on Instagram story more photos and videos of these products and also how to use them.

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