You know very well that I have very undisciplined natural curls. It is said that behind each curly there is a whim, I do not know if it’s true …

During special occasions like fashion week, I like to make a more sophisticated broching with big curls and voluminous ripples.

Last Saturday I was in Paris to celebrate my father’s birthday and I wanted to try the new babyliss smoother & looper digital sensor. Since it was my first time I had a hard time using it, so I went to my trusted hairdresser to make my curls with my new babyliss.

It was very fast and the result was extraordinary.

You can see in the making-off photos that my natural hair was very unruly and curly, after a few minutes my hairstyle is transformed with a very elegant hairstyle with natural ripples. Trust the Babyliss Digital Sensor Hair Straightener.

I made some pictures of my look in an American restaurant in Paris. The interur design was too cool, all pink and turquoise, my favorite colors. I did not resist taking some pictures with my lychee milk shake, delicious.

Do you want to participate in a competition to win the new BaByliss Digital Sensor?

It’s easy: just follow @babyliss_switzerland @vfashionworld and @valentinanessi on Instagram. Make a comment in the photo that I will share in the next days and tagged a girlfriend.

I will choose the winner on June 6th

So you have enough time to participate and enter the contest several times by tagging a girlfriend. Tag one person at a time. Every comment with tag is valid.

Good luck!

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PS: Follow @babyliss_switzerland on instagram to discover all products.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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