Innovation meets fashion in the “Ticino Fashion Tech Valley”

From March 22nd to 27th an international conference on technology in the field of fashion called “Fashion Innovation Week” was held in Lugano, where experts from the world of the fashion industry met to discuss and present new technologies and innovations to improve the online sales.


I had just returned from my trip to Dubai on the last day of the conference held at the LAC center of Lugano Art and Culture.


The conference covered various topics such as the “Growing Ecosystem”, “Key touchpoints in brand building and conversion”, “Return on content investemnt”, “Retail outlook data presentation”, “Digital social catwalk” and many other interesting topics.


The topic that interested me most was: “How to conquer international customer through facebook solutions” even if I think that Instagram is currently the best social network to promote and sell products. Another very interesting topic was “how to build a corporate innovation program and measure the unmeasurable”.


What I did not like about this conference day was that there were 4 classrooms with 4 conferences simultaneously and therefore unfortunately it was not possible to attend all the various conferences but it was necessary to make a selection.


As a Swiss blogger and digital influencer I find that such an event has not been promoted enough. They told me that this convention has existed for three years but I have never heard of it before. In my opinion should involve more bloggers and international influencers internationali to talk about the event and at the same time promote the beautiful city of Lugano.


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Follow @vfashionworld by @valentinanessi on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for the newsletter to receive all news and current events.



Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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