Lugano Living: meeting with Marco Borradori and Valentina Nessi

Hello everyone, as you may already know, I am the ambassador and official blogger of Lugano Living, a new Instagram page which aims to promote activities operating in the area of Lugano. The mission is the promotion of the economy, development and tourism of the city of Lugano through events, photos and video reports.


Recently I had a meeting with the mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori, and his team, inside the Town Hall of the city of Lugano, to discuss new business opportunities and create new projects and events to increase business development and international tourism .

Key topic of the meeting was: how the digital world can influence and attract new business opportunities.

As a blogger and digital influencer, for me this is daily bread, I feel the duty and the pleasure of sharing my knowledge and experience in the digital world with others. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have now become real search engines, sources of inspiration, dialogue and meetings first virtual and then real. From digital to the real world, we live in a real “digital revolution”.

We need to be able to grasp new business opportunities to create value and make a difference.

I thank the Mayor, Marco Borradori, and his team for the interest shown in our projects.

We will soon organize new international events and conferences.

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Photo credit: Gianluca Chiarello aka @fotochiarello


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