Valentina Nessi Conference & Presentation in Tokyo

Tueasday 26th September took place in Tokyo the “Grand Prix of Design Made in Italy in Japan” contest at the Bunka Fashion College where I had the opportunity to present my brand and the vision behind my company together with four other big international italian companies as Arpar, Barilla, MSC Cruises and Vespa.


I was extremly happy and excited to present for the first time my collection to the opposite side of the world: in Japan.


This is meaning for me that fashion has nor border and everyone in the world can appreciate good work & design.


My collection is designed for all type of woman and ages.


The contast at the Bunka fashion school is actually a copetition for the studens to re-design a Valentina Nessi female outift and plan a suitable way to succesfully launch and sell the outfits in the Japanese market. The case study include also the planning of a launching event and the identification of distribution channels.


The students of Bunka fashion school can use their own imagination to create new looks. Moreover, the can be inspired by butterflies, but mostly stay true to the main goal of the brand collection which is convey good luck and positive energy to those who wear the dresses.


At the end of this competition, in December 2017. The winner group will receive a Prize:

A certificate, one piece of Valentina Nessi collection for each memmber of the group and the submission of the capsule collection to Camera della Moda in Milano.


During the event we took also a video. As soon the editing is ready I will post it on YouTube.


I would like to thanks all the students that took part of this project and case study, Ernesto and the Director of Bunka International Communication Center.


Stay tuned for all the updates on my Instagram page @valentinanessi & my brand new @valentinanessicollection IG page.


Me getting ready before the conference

turquoise linen caftan with hand-made embroidery

Let’s start with the presentation

Thank you all for this opportunity and great experience !

With the Director & President of Bunka Gakuen Fashion School

Thank you all for reading! Please share this post to give all the students a big support for the project!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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