Big project and trip coming up next week. I’m leaving to Tokyo. Yes in Japan, the land of manga, technology and design. Japanese people are always avangardist in term of design and style.

I just cannot wait to walk in the chaotic streets of Tokyo and look around to get inspired.

The reason why I go to Japan is because I have been invited by the Bunka Gakuen College of Fashion & Design, on of the biggest school of Fashion in the world.

Well I have been invited to a special conference where I will need to do a speech and talk about my fashion activities: blog and the new Valentina Nessi collection. Yes, as you might already noticed on Instagram I have started a fashion brand.

The conference is the launch of a special competition for all the students, which they will do a case study about my company and they will provide the best solution, in term of design, for a new capsule collection and the launch in the Japanese market.

The student or the group of students, which will provide the best case study, will win a special prize. For the reason this competition it’s caller “Grand Prix of design Made in Italy in Japan.

Together with me four other companies, which represent the excellence of “made in Italy” to the world, will present their brand and their new projects.

Those companies are: Arper, Barilla, MSC Cruises and Vespa.

In total we are five companies, all in a different category: Interior design and furniture, food, hospitality and tourism, mobility and lifestyle and fashion

When first asked me to participate to this conference and project I was surprised because I said to myself “why me that I’m a young emerging designer I should be in the middle of such big international companies?” I was surprised. Then they explain me that they wanted to include a younger person, closer to the students so that they can better imagine themselves in the project.

I’m very happy, honored and excited about this great opportunity that comes into my life.

I have immediately accepted and started to prepare my presentation, because I need to do a speech of about 7 to 10 minutes in front hundreds of students. So please keep the finger crossed for me.

Thank you!

See you soon Japan!


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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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