Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, but Switzerland too.

Even Ticino is home of some beautiful waterfalls. At only one hour by car from Milano you can arrive in Faido,a little town near Bellinzona, and find a wonderful waterfall.

To survive the hot summer days, a mountain trip it’s always a good idea, even better if by a mountain lake with a waterfall.

The atmosphere was like in Hawaii. To give a little tropical touch to our day we used an air baloon in an ananas shape and flowers necklaces, tipical from Hawaii. It was like to be in Oahu.

During this wonderful day, in good company with my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend, I wore two different swimsuits: the first one in black is from Ganci collection, embelisched with turquoise stone, very precious, elegand and sexy; the second one is from Matthew Williamson collection for H&M, it already from several years ago, but always fashionanble. I love colors.

I hope you found this article interesting and inspiring. May your next trip will be in a cute mountain destinations. Ticino and Grigioni is home of wonderful mountain lakes and waterfalls, so what are you waiting for.

Wish you all a wonderful ending of summer!

Follow me to Faido, Ticino Switzerland

Swimmer of the day: Chic Wish, Matthew Williamson and Ganci Collection


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