Summer: sea, sun and pool parties.

Summer is synonymous of fun and so what’s better then a pool party.

In this new summer editor’s letter I wanted to make a recap of various pool parties I have been in the past years. I had to share articles of the past in this newsletter since lately I’ve been very busy this summer to prepare the launching of the new website and my new collection, which I will revel to you very soon. I can’t wait.

Here you can find some tips and suggestion in how to be super trendy by the pool and during a pool party:

– Swimsuit rigorously a trikini, it’s more sexy

– Heels and / or wedges, the flip flops are out for a pool party

– Sunglasses, always and everywhere

– Fluffy lipstick, preferably pink or coral orange, but never red

– Tanning cream and glittered oil, not to looks like a white mozzarella; always better to have amber tan.

Although we are in mid-August, the summer is not over yet, we are still having a few more weeks of hot weather so pull out your bathing suits and go to the nearest pool to have fun.

Wish you all a happy midsummer!

Read more about each single pool party post on the links below:

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The famous bbq pool party in St.Tropez

Infinity pool party in St.Tropez

Costume party in St.Tropez

Crazy weekend in St.Tropez

Pool party in Hollywood hills

Trikini a K-Beach in Marrakech 

Pool party at the Perry Hotel in Miami

Pool party at the Shelborne hotel in Miami

Wish you all a beautiful and happy midsummer!

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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