The summer solstice marks the start of the summer season. On this day of the year the sun is at its highest point, its rays are very inclined with respect to our hemisphere and therefore the day has its maximum duration. After June 21, however, the duration of light hours will begin to decrease.

Since long time, this day was associated with rites and parties.

To welcome the season you can do a very simple ritual, that is: greet the sun with open arms so you capture the energy of the sun inside our body. This rite is also a Yoga position and serves to energize the body. Positive energy is the most important thing to feel good and start the summer season.

In Sweden, the beginning of summer is celebrated with the famous Midsummer party, so important that they made it a national day of Sweden instead of June 6th. This day can also be called St. Hans Day.

A few years ago, during the summer solstice I organized a Garden party in Paris. You can see the video of the event here.

Now that the summer season comes, we also have to prepare the skin. Some tips are to eat lots of carrots, tomatoes, and even take some supplements to help the body produce more melanin, or pigments that determine the skin color.

In summer you can do your nails in different bright colors like pink, orange, yellow and also turquoise and blue.


Let’s speak about fashion and style trends for the summer now, flowers are always a must. You can use flowers prints on clothes, shoes and handbags, but also floral accessories to put in your hair.

You will find an article about summer trends with some outfits from 30 international fashion bloggers to inspire your summer looks.

Flower print bags are a real must this summer!

To overcome the bikini test you have to do some exercise, only 15-20 minutes a day it’s enough to be in a good shape.

You can find tips on how to get fit in this article.

How to get fit for summer? Motivation for fitness tips here!

Are you ready for summe?

I suggest you this new summer song by Francesco Gabbani, winner of Sanremo Festival, entitled “tra le granite e le granate”.


I conclude this article with a nice phrase by Montgomery writer:

“I wonder how it would be to live in a world where it is always June”. L.M. Montgomery





Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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