I have travelled the world, visited beautiful places but there is still so many beautiful places to visit. We live for many reasons and once of those is that we live to explore the world, our beautiful planet is full of enchanted locations and cities to visit.


I would love to remember you that vfashionworld.com is not only a fashion destination but also a travel and lifestyle blog and magazine with the aim to inspire you, to take a break into your routine life and dream; dream so much that push you to stop dreaming and turn your dreams into real life.


It’s happen to me many times when I check @beautifuldestinations instagram page; I discover always many beautiful places around the world I would love to visit. The first thing I do when I look at one beautiful photo of a location is to dream to be there, second step is to dream to go there, and third step is to plan to go there. This is what I usually do. I have make my travel bucked list of some places I really want to visit once in my life.


In this post I did a selection of 30 beautiful places your should visit at least once in life.


I had the great opportunity to visit most of those beautiful locations like Dubai, Kathmandu, Agra in India where is located the most beautiful temple dedicated to Love: the Taj Mahal, I also visited the Tiger’s Nest I Bhutan, the Victoria’s Falls in Zimbabwe, the Table Mountain in South Africa, la Sagrada Familia in Barcellona, Spain, Santorini and other Greek islands, Burano, Venice, Paris, London, Milano, Miami, New York and many other places. I can said that I have been really lucky to had a chance to had visited already so many beautiful places before my thirties, but there is still so many other places I would love to visit like Positano in Amalfi Coast, Machu Picchu in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Australia, Japan.


In this post I have made a list of 30 beautiful destinations you should visit once in your life.

1. Positano, Amalfi Coast Italy - photo by Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust
2. Bern, Switzerland – photo by Elias Shweizer photography via @beauitifuldestinations
3. Brug Eltz, Germany – photo by @pieaerts via @beauitifuldestinations
4. Burano, Italy – photo by @kardinalmelon via @marriottrewards
5. Cape Town in South Africa – photo by Sergey Suxov
6. Castello di brolio, Chianti, Italy photo by @theplanetd
7. Colchuck lake, Canada, photo by Michael Matti via @beautifuldestinations
8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – photo by Dennis Stever
9. Gorges du Verdon, France – photo by Antoine Collas
10. Jungfrau, Switzerland - photo by Sennarelax via @beautifuldestinations
11. Kathmandu, Nepal – photo by Valentina Nessi via @vfwtravel
12. Lago di Braies – photo by Nicola Campanella @elcampa1969
13. London, UK – photo by Josh Perrett via @beautifuldestinations
14. Luzern, Switzerland – photo by @slavinna022
15. Machu Picchu, Peru – photo by @nodestinations
16. Mount Hood, Oregon, United States of America – photo by @gemini-digitized
17. Mount Fuji, Japan – photo by Chigasaki Mino via @beautifuldestinations
18. Petra, Jourdan – photo by @sefayamak
19. Pisa, Italy – photo by Andreas Lostromos @meletispix
20. Pyramids of Egypt - photo by Brian Thio
21. Rome Italy – photo by Antoine Collas
22. Sagrada familia, Spain – photo by Andreas Lostromos @meletispix
23. Sao Paulo, Brazil – photo by Jake West
24. Santorini, Greece – photo by @michutravel
25. Moritz, Engadina, Switzerland – photo by Valentina Nessi via @vfwtravel
26. Taj Mahal, Agra, India – photo by @travellernotes
27. Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan – photo by Valentina Nessi via @vfwtravel
28. Venice, Italy – photo by Jacob Riglin of @beautifuldestinations
29. Victoria’s falls, Zimbabwe – photo by Valentina Nessi via @vfw-travel
30. Zakinthos, Greece – photo by Alexandra Taylor
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