It’s the time of the year again, the time of the International Cannes Film Festival.

This year I celebrate my 10th anniversary at the Cannes Film Festival, my very first time was in fact in 2007, exactly 10 years ago. I always had the best time of my life, parties non-stop all day and all night long. In the past 3 years I started to came to the Cannes Film Festival with an other mission, not to party anymore but to be part of the glamorous world of the Film Festival and take part of the International Film Festival by attend some movie premier and to walk on the famous Red Carpet, the most amazing experience ever.

The first year I was terrified, a p ‘frightened by everyone here flash that I did not know where to look at. The first year I walked with a friend of mine, the french actress Nadège Lacroix. We walked next to each others for all la Montée des Marches.

Click HERE to discover my first experience of the Red Carpet during the 67th Edition of Cannes Film Festival.

The second year I had a bit more confidence of walking on the red carpet, but not really comfortable with the big heels and long dress, I was afraid to fall on the stairs in front of hundreds of photographer. Thankfully everything went very well. I was so happy to walk on the red carpet with my Best friends Karina. Valdes from Geneva.

Click HERE to discover all the photos of my dress and read more about my red carpet experience during the 68th edition of Cannes Film Festival.

The third year, last year I got the invitation to the red carpet last minute, I was so happy and excited to attend to an other movie premier and walk on the famous red carpet for the third time. I was feeling much more confidence and comfortable that I started to dance sur le tapes rouge. This year I had the opportunity to wear an Haute Couture dress by Anjana Misra that she kindly dress me for this occasion.

Click HERE to discover more photos of my Red Carpet experience of the 69th edition of Cannes Film Festival.

Every year it’s a new emotion and a new dress of course. Let’s see what I will wearing this year. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @valentinanessi to be update to all news in real time on Insta-Story.

best-dressed-red-carpet-looks-valentina-nessi-nadege-lacroix-02 best-dressed-red-carpet-looks-valentina-nessi-nadege-lacroix-03 best-dressed-red-carpet-look-style-blogger-fashion-designer-valentina-nessi-04 best-dressed-red-carpet-looks-valentina-nessi-karina-valdes-05 best-dressed-red-carpet-looks-style-icon-valentina-nessi-06 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-cannes-07 best-dressed-fashion-blogger-red-carpet-cannes-anjana-misra-haute-couture-08 best-dressed-fashion-blogger-red-carpet-cannes-anjana-misra-haute-couture-chopard-09 best-dressed-fashion-blogger-red-carpet-cannes-haute-couture-10 valentina-nessi-red-carpet-haute-couture-cannes-film-festival-16-11

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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