Roberto Demeglio debuts in Hall 1.1 with a brand new booth and a new luxury collection.

I had the opportunity to discover Italian jewelry brand last year, during Baselworld 2016. I was attracted by his jewelry collection: young, modern and luxury at the same time.

For this reason this year I wanted to go back to Baselworld to discover more about the brand and the new collections.

When first I arrived to the meeting I was surprise and marveled of the brand new booth in hall 1.1. a sophisticated and highly scenographic architecture that can capture the brand uniqueness. The booth is dominated by an eye-catching play of rhombus shapes, inspired by the iconic DIVA collection, a quintessential Roberto Demeglio jewel. Framed in this stunning geometric design, the windows will enhance the beauty and innovative charm of the creations they will display.

The key word is innovation, the essence of Roberto Demeglio’s jewelry which inspired the creation of the new booth in the shaped and the colors. The brand new booth has been developed on a surface of 160 squared meters and is 7 meters high.

The signature of Roberto Demeglio look is the contrast between black and white that gives the location an elegant atmosphere, allowing it to be exclusive and welcoming at the same time.

Roberto-Demeglio_new booth-baselworld-2017

The booth is designed by Lascia la Scia, architectural firm in Milan.

As soon I have arrived at the booth I was welcomed by the beautiful hostess and model Eva Squillari that introduce me to Roberto Demeglio for our meeting. I was very delighted to discover the new collections.


roberto-demeglio-for-vfashionworl-at-baselworld-2016-02 roberto-demeglio-for-vfashionworl-at-baselworld-2016-03 roberto-demeglio-valentina-nessi-vfashionworl-at-baselworld-2016-04


One of the new creations that I liked the most is the new AURA collection, a true creative concept between the colors of gold and ceramic, creating the ultimate fashion jewel. Baby pink, red, electric blue and brown are the shades that interpret this new era of contemporary jewelry, made to add a bit of preciousness to a playful and joyous femininity, which can be gutty and delicate at the same time, always maintaining its charme.

roberto-demeglio-pura-collectionThe choice of colors represents a true debut for Roberto Demeglio, since the jewelry designer is known for its black and white creations. Black and white have always had the ability to best express Roberto Demeglio  clean lines and essential jewelry concepts, whether the material is as new as ceramic or as traditional as gold and diamonds.

The AURA collection welcomes a new series of bracelets and rings in squared or rectangular high-tech ceramic elements, gold-plated and colored, that presents a fascinating fashion jewel. The gold deposit, made in all the different colors of gold, paired with the colored ceramic elements, really lights up the jewels. Its strong shape and linear design are a clear communication of the character of its creator.

Mounted on the elastic structure – the fil rouge that connects all of the Turin-born designer creations – the AURA bracelet is available in different sizes: one row, two rows or three rows. This is the ultime fashion jewels that allows women to add a touch of luxury to their daily life.



To make the hands of women more precious and luminous, the AURA ring with the new colors is the perfect choice. The small high-tech ceramic elements, assembled on the spring structure, ensure that the rings fits perfectly on different fingers.

This year Roberto Demeglio introduces an evolution of the PURA collection, including the tennis bracelet of the new millennium, which reinterprets a timeless classic of jewelry adding a trendy twist and yet maintaining all its preciousness.roberto-demeglio-pura-collection-balck-ceramic-and-diamondsSparkly and pure, for the first time the black and white diamonds are set in sequence on the single elements of high tech ceramic, for an eye-catching effect. The combination of stones with black or white ceramic, that can either have polished or matte finish, creates a delicious continuity effect or delightful contrast in the very in-vogue black and white. With their glam and modern mood, the PURA bracelets welcome new versions that use sapphires in the three colors of blue, yellow and pink, and rubies, for a creation that combines new materials with the eternity of the most precious stones.

The Pura collection has numerous variations, from the basic version with one single stone to the most precious version where every ceramic element is decorated with a stone, mounted in white, rose or yellow gold. With the same combinations and variations, the PURA ring is a precious objects that will make every hand shine with the outmost elegance.

The creativity of the Turin-born designer is once again rooted in the modernity of the materials: high-tech ceramic mounted on a stainless steel spring structure create a very versatile jewel, which can be worn in several different ways. Luminous and shiny in the total-white version, the PURA rings are also available in different combinations from the total black of ceramic and diamonds to the colorful new additions in the blue, yellow, red and pink stones on a white or black high-tech ceramic base.

An other collection that Roberto Demeglio presents at Baselworld 2017 is GIOTTO: a precious chromatic games and new volumes for the daily luxury.

The GIOTTO bracelet is now introduced with a width of 5 mm, where the stunning rows of rubies of sapphire, paired with black and white diamonds, create a charming two-toned sintony. New volumes take over the soft and sinuous shapes that mark the GIOTTO collection and an innovative use of sapphire in the three colors – blue, yellow and pink. Expression of an extremely modern concept of jewellery, the new GIOTTO bracelet is where innovation and tradition meet, between the ancient skills of jewelry-making and brand-new techniques.

The single stones are mounted gold elements on an elastic structure protected by an international patent, which is the fil rouge connecting all of Roberto Demeglio creations, made to adapt to the women wrists and fingers.


roberto-demeglio-bracelets-and-ring-baselworld-2017-for-vfashionworld roberto-demeglio-valentina-nessi-baselworld-2017-meeting roberto-demeglio-valentina-nessi-baselworld-2017-date

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