The 25th of April is the day of the memorial of the terrible earthquake that two years ago hit Nepal and its population. The earthquake caused the destruction of many historic monuments, villages, families and lives.

Below you can find an article written by the journalist, Mattia Sacchi, taken from the book “Vita for Nepal”. This book is a collection of photos and testimonies of people who had the chance to visit this wonderful country.


There are days in which we cannot pretend not to see.

There are days in which anyone of us is responsible for the destiny of someone else.

There are days in which we can bring out the best of us.

And there are days in which we could change the destiny of an entire population.

The 25th of April of 2015 was that day.

The images of the earthquake not only have shaken the earth, but also the heart of al of those who, astonished, were assisting at the destruction of a nation, families and lives.

However, the prideful people of Nepal, who have always been forced to overcome all the challenges of an earthquake that took place on the breathtaking but yet hostile peaks of the Himalaya, started right away to reconstruct and re-conquer what they had just lost. This has been a great inspiration for thousand of people, who have decided to help this population with their donations.

We all want to be part of those people. The images of this beautiful country and its people are stuck in our mind. A country that makes people fall in love and creates strong bonds with those who had the change to visit it at least once in his/her life and met its friendly population.

Article written by Mattia Sacchi

Taken from “Vita for Nepal”


I’m currently in Nepal, working on the reconstruction an orphanage in the Sindupalchock Valley, the most destroyed area. This orphanage will become the home of 18 children that had lost their parents during the terrible earthquake in 2015.

Below you can find some of the beautiful pictures that my mother, Stella Nessi, took during her trip to Nepal before the earthquake took place. In these pictures you can admire the daily life of people from Nepal.


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