With the arrival of spring, you want to be outdoor, but above all you want to get fit to prepare your body for the summer season. To have a good shape you have to start exercising a few months in advance to tone your body

With the arrival of the beautiful season we begin to dress up and put on spring clothes. We begin to wear bright colors and floral prints to celebrate the spring season.

Over the past few weeks, temperatures in Switzerland have been very high, they have also reached 24 ° C / 25 ° C so I took advantage of it to revitalize my new pink sporty outfit. I’ve paired up this sport outfit with the new limited edition floral print Skechers sneakers. Beautiful and comfy!

I took a good day’s chance to do some exercise in the garden as the day was warm and sunny.

I’m usually not a sporty person, but I’m trying to motivate myself to do some exercises to get fit. I follow some Fitness Instagram accounts to motivate myself.

These are the top 7 fitness accounts on Instagram to follow to motivate you to do gymnastics!

  1. @body_fitness_fashion
  2. @motivationforfitness
  3. @fitnessgirlsmotivation
  4. @fitness_junkie
  5. @bodysperfect
  6. @bodygoals
  7. sweat

One of the world’s most famous fitness blogger with over 6 million followers is Kayla Itsines, creator of the BBG Program available on Sweat App.

Let return to us, normal human being who want to get in shape without too much effort.

Here are some tips on how to get fit for spring:
– Drink plenty of water to moisturize the skin
– Eat so much fruit to have a daily dose of vitamins – if the fruits are not enough you can take some food supplements like extra vitamins and magnesium
– Take a cure for 10 or 20 days of royal jelly / bee pollen, it’s helps to strengthen the immune system
– Walks outdoor, minimum of half an hour, ideal is to do an hour a day
– To swim, for those who have the opportunity, swimming is very good
– Flexions and abdominal to sculpt the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks
– Dancing, even dancing is fine to burn calories and and it’s also very good for the soul

If the days are nice and warm I recommend doing outdoor exercises and not lock in the gym!

If you have other useful tips, share them here with us.


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PINK by Victoria’s Secret suite

Skechers gym shoes

Clair’s sunglasses


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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