Are you curious to discover the new trends of Spring 2017? The last fashion shows in great fashion capital have decreed which styles, colors and garments will be trendy this spring. A season that will bring in our wardrobe a mix of different proposals, with confirmations from past years, rediscovered and new cuts, fabrics and colors. From garments to accessories ever like this year the most glamorous fashion draws from the road, thanks to the new icons, the “fashion bloggers”.


The trendy colors of  Spring 2017

Red (fire or coral), yellow (mustard or sun), green (Pantone), Pink (in all shades). The combinations will range from the total look to the “mix & match”, where your personality emerges with bold combinations and out of the patterns. White and black are always present, but to match color, even in accessories (shoes, bags, hair bands, for example). And then ample space for rows and floral prints, which continue to be trendy from last Spring-Summer. Lined or smaller lines on pants and large skirts, blouses on blouses, dresses, but also t-shirts and balzer almost invoked a Brazilian forest, rather than a field of flowers.

Fabrics: the return of plissé, fringes and rouches

This spring will be full of pleats, large, soft, twisting. Skirts and lightweight suits made of plain cloth will fit into tops, blouses and romantic suits finished with light or bumpy rouches. Those fabrics can be carried in any context, in the office, for an aperitif with friends or for an important evening. The fringes are back in fashion, for all those who always love a preppy style look. Franges on skirts, jackets and clothes, in short, “movement” and “flicker”.

Wide fabrics above and below

Backpacks are back, not necessarily long but also shorter and three / quarter, in fabric or jeans, still high, and shirts and tops rediscover wide and wide shoulders and sleeves. Soft, sinuous figures to match wisely with more adherent clothing.

Shoulders: between tassels and military jackets

Fashion is often contrasting, opposed to attracting, everything, and the opposite of everything. In the case of shoulder blades, the trend of Spring 2017 sees the male style of the structured blazer, almost tailor-made, with military, sports, but also glamorous jackets, particularly short-sleeved military accessories.


Jeans always anyway

There is no season that goes without the jeans being the protagonist. And even this spring, the world’s most famous celebrated fabric remains the protagonist of other trends. Ripped trousers, still at high altitude, soft shirts and soft caftans remain the wardrobe headwear to match the other trends 2017.


Accessories: micro bag and wrap, wedge, wedge

The wedge is once again the queen of the Spring-Summer season, Low or High, in straw or in rubber, natural or even colored and decorated: in any version you wear it, you will be in the fashion of the moment. No heels, only sandals and comfortable slip-ons, raised and extremely feminine. Featured accessories include handbags, which now become mini / micro. Small clutches, micro backpacks and folders in the brightest colors and pop to show off by hand or wrist.


Trend advices

The last Milanese Fashion Week gangways have exhibited a mix of unrestrained trends, colors, fabrics and trends. The important thing is always daring and combining classic garments, which we have in our wardrobe, with emerging styles and fashion colors. Then wide to the top “I see I do not see” combined with the wide pants or skirts with fringes and rouches; Masculine blazer with floral t-shirts and simple leggings matched to a pretty wedge and still dressed in striped jackets and military bomber.

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