Baselworld video documentary by Valentina Nessi of

I’m very happy to finally introduce you my very first watch & Jewelry video. Usually I do fashion week documentary and reportage but since I’m passionate by the watches & Jewelry world I choose to show you more about my passion and my favorite jewelry brands as de Grisogono, Roberto Demeglio, Alessio Boschi and the Genevian brand Charriol.

With this video documentary I would like to give you an opportunity to see more in depth my Baselworld experience and the two interviews I did to the Italian jewelry designers Roberto Demeglio and Alessio Boschi, which are both very talented in their different ways and style. One more modern and minimalist, the other more romantic and nostalgic, with a particular attention to culture, architecture and nature.

I fall in love with both of their collection and both transmit a strong emotion. Because luxury doesn’t mean only expensive objets but the passion and the creative part of creating those luxury objects.

In this video I also introduce to you the new collections of two Swiss jewelry brands from Geneva, Charriol and de Grisogono. The last one become famous worldwide to be the first to use black diamonds into jewelry and the other one, Charriol, become famous worldwide to create cable jewelry, watches and accessories.

You can read more about my Baselworld 2017 experience HERE and more in details each single brands in the next post.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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