This year during Baselworld 2017 I had the opportunity to discover a new jewelry designer: Alessio Boschi.

Alessio, originally from Rome, he creates is own jewelry brand in 2013 after having collaborate and work for many international jewelry companies in Italy, Greece, Australia and Asia. During his young carrier he won many awards like the recent International Jewellery Design Excellence rewarded by Wallace Chan, in Hong Kong in March 2015, the “Homage to the Renaissance” in Beijing in December 2015 and this year the Aesthetic Awards of the International Jewellery Design Excellence again in Hong Kong. He also has been winner of the Couture Design Award, Pearls Category in Las Vegas in 2010 and several designs awards with Bazaar Jewelry and China Gems and Jewellery Association in the years 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. His awards list is so long that I need an entire article to talk about all of them.

Let’s continue with the jewels that I personally discover at Baselworld and catch my attention like the Coliseum ring in the two versions – the one of 2000 years ago called “the imperial Coliseum” and the one of our days in rose gold and with the third out ring collapsed by the 2/3 after the medieval earthwake – also the Gondola Ring, the Pisa Tower and the bridge of Sighs in Venice and many more. All those jewels are part of the HISTORICA Collection. This collection takes inspirations into a luxurious past, featuring fascinating stories and personalities from the history of Europe, Orient, and the glorious Empires. Many of the jewels of the Historica collection are crafted with meticulous details taken from architectural motifs, and include refined designs and decorations from an amount of the world’s most important historical and artistic eras. the-imperial-coliseum-ring-by-alessio-boschi-jewels

The Imperial Coliseum Ring by Alessio Boschi

Exploring now the Coliseum Ring of our days in rose gold


The Gondola Ring


The Bridge of Sighs Ring


From the History to the beauty of the world of Nature, Alessio Boschi takes inspirations to create the NATURALIA Collection. This colourful and vast collection focuses on the beauty of the Nature; it takes inspiration from many natural species of flora and fauna. Some pieces are also inspired by geological and physical phenomena such as exploding stars, erupting volcanoes, impressive blue glaciers, fabulous sunsets and spectacular sunrises.


Peony Rings by Alessio Boschi

Alessio Boschi takes inspiration from everything; he is very passionate by the Ocean and the sea creatures that’s why he also creates another collection called THALASSA. This name is taken from the Greek word for the sea and this collection takes inspiration from the clears waters of the Pacific Ocean. The themes of the Thalassa Collection are the wonderful sea creatures among the multi-coloured shades of the coral reef. Thanks to their hidden movements, the jewels appear to be carried along by the waves. Many creations feature delicate engravings that surprise us by their handcrafted details.


An other collection I really liked a lot is the one called “Breakfast in Jaipur” with an extraordinary work of pearls, diamonds and emeralds.

An other beautiful ring by Alessio Boschi



I personally think that Alessio Boschi in not a classic jewelry designer, but an artist that creates work of art. When you buy his jewels you are not buying only an object but a real piece of art, a piece of his heart and a piece of History or Nature; that will transmit an emotion to which it will belong forever.

Follow him on Instagram @alessio_boschi_jewels and have a look at his website:

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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