A Crazymals Story – From Hollywood to Palm Springs…

This story is born from the imagination of Fawaz Gruosi; the Crazymals provide an introduction to the world of glamor, infused with elegance and retro charm of the 1950s. From the top of Mount Lee and its iconic hills to the palms trees of Palm Springs, we meet a group of joyous and charismatic creatures: Lady Flamingo, Large Ladybug, Crooner Snake, Tux’Penguin, Stogie K, Hip Hop Panda and Buddy.

These creatures are precious beings set with 1001 stones, whose many details and furniture show that you can master the most complex techniques of jewelry and revisit their codes having fun with stones and colors. The Crazymals are joyful and playful creatures.

The story of Crazymals tells an escape from the classic routine of the city of Hollywood, in a fun and carefree journey to the desert of Palm Springs, site of the famous Music Festival, Coachella, where between concerts they are having fun with barbeque pool partes. The story is a festive invitation to live life with fun and frivolity, a refreshing breeze. The little creatures, are very attractive and they have a strong personality; they have a truly vibrant outlook on life.

Welcome to the optimism of the American dream in 1950!

In the midst of inspiration retro scene reminiscent of Hollywood, they invite us into their world of sparkle, humor and immoderation. Creatures, with an attractive appearance and colorful characters, come to life under the bold jewelry creative capacity of the Maison de Grisogono.

The story is filmed in the San Jacinto Mountains in the heart of the Coachella Valley, the atmosphere of the golden age reigns. A playground sought by the stars from the creation of Hollywood, the Crazymals arrive in Palm Springs in the final trendspot, where each character reveals his personality through a story that brings them together in one of the famous pool parties.

The characters reveal the most closely guarded aspects of our personality. Crazymal Which are you?

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Irreverent Little Treasure

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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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