Celebrating World Water Day, a day focusing of the importance of universal access to clean water. Today about 783 million people use contaminated water   and about 3.5 million, mostly children, die each year from water related diseases.

The focus of 2017 is learning to waste less water and UN Water suggest taking practical steps to save water:

  • showering for three minutes
  • turning of the tap while brushing teeth
  • washing up or
  • scrubbing vegetables

Did you also know that buying one less t-shirt saves 2,700 L and eating chicken instead of beef for a day saves 2,200 L of water?

Is important to spread the awareness of save water and help cleaning contaminated water.

Support @vitaassociation initiative of water-filter distribution in Nepal by providing access to clean water and focusing on sustainable management of fresh water recourses in the long term.

We can fight this together!

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World Water Day – Vita Association water filter charity project



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