New York Fashion Week kick starts the exciting month of fashion shows. For the Fall Winter 2017-2018 season, it was filled with floral prints, plaids, transparent dresses, bright colors and a lot of powerful slogans. I have put together my favorite shows & trends from NYFW!


Tommy Hilfiger

This is the second year they used super model Gigi Hadid as the face of their brand. Gigi, along with sister Bella and other top models paraded the catwalk in chic sporty gear. Cropped tops, pants, mini skirts and oversized sweaters dominated this show.


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs collection brought together the perfect blend of cosmopolitan chic & retro style with elegant tweed coats and rounded hats.


Oscar de la Renta

Oscar’s collection of elegant dresses from the 50’s era was nothing short of breathtaking. Rich materials like silk, taffeta and organza wowed the crowd. We saw all the trendiest colors of the season: sorro scarlet, lemon yellow and orange mango but of course the classic all-black made its appearance.


Victoria Beckham

Masculine style cuts with a touch of femininity. We saw oversized blazers, trousers and skirts with structure. Her collection was geared for a career driven woman who is looking for a classic, chic yet comfortable look. The predominant colors of the collection are gray and blue with some spurt of red, orange, yellow and burgundy. My favorite piece from the collection was a pair of burgundy leather gloves with boots.

Calvin Klein

In Calvin’s collection, he kept it to the basic classic and sporty style with an all time favorite, denim for both him and her. You can never go wrong with that.


Powerful Slogans

The biggest trend of the season is powerful slogans on t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, leather jackets. The trend is to emphasize the social and political issues happening in the world today and connecting it into the world of fashion. Short and impactful words that stick in peoples minds, in hopes to make a change in the world.

I Love Every One is just one of the many phrases used on clothing items to promote equality for all. The Future is Female slogan seen a lot recently is to promote gender equality that unfortunately lacks in many parts of the world.

T-shirts and clothing is actually very simple, with light or dark colors depending on the type of model: it is written to make a difference and make this item of clothing unique in its kind.

The return of the ’80s

80’s clothing trends are back in style! Clothing made with dark shades, like electric blue, accompanied by floral designs, off the shoulder tops and dresses. Overalls have made a huge comeback! They can be paired with t shirts – both tight or loose. This trend definitely is a reminder of the 80’s. It is so interesting to see the trends from 80’s make a huge come back in a new era. Again it comes to top quality fabrics that have managed to stand out in a very positive way of their quality to the touch: silk and cotton in the foreground with regard to clothing and T-shirts of this trend.

The Ladies Man style dress

A very important trend with regard to high-fashion garments is the gray suit.

A style that resembles that of a man: heavy jacket and velvet pants that allow you to keep your body warm while managing to have a unique dimension and a remarkable style worn by a woman. These elegant suits succeed to give you a touch of class while allowing a woman to get a taste of a man’s staple attire. The gray suit is ideal for both a formal workplace and for business dinners where elegance must be present.

Floral dresses to the Rescue

It was interesting to see a lot of spring type clothing even for the Fall Winter season.

Floral dresses are effortlessly chic, practical and comfortable. What else can a woman want?

Floral designs are defined by industry experts with the term gardenia, deriving from the English term, garden. Style of the floral designs have evolved and we see many unique silhouettes. A floral dress always makes a great impression at any day event or a dinner party.

Altuzarra Fall Winter 2017-2018

Marchesa Fashion Fall Winter 2017-2018

Orange and blue: classic colors

Orange and blue are two colors from opposite ends of a color spectrum but yet we see both as classic colors in the fashion industry. We see the orange color family a lot in heavy winter jackets and trousers. The blues are associated more with spring and summer. Ranging in skirts, dresses, t shirts and pants. Both colors have shown their diversity ranging from casual to high end clothing and accessories.

DelPozo Fall Winter 2017-2018

Pilli Lim Fall winter 2017-2018


Jenny Peckham Fall Winter 2017-2018

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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