Milan, the city that from the 22nd and the 27th of February hosted a very popular even for all fashion lovers: Milan’s Fashion Week. During the week a total of 70 fashions shows and 88 presentations were held. As a whole there were a total of 174 collections of designers which attracted the attention of the audience and also gave space to some critics.

This edition of the Milan Fashion Week could be the beginning of a new era of fashion shows. In fact, a very particular aspect of this fashion week was that a few brands like Bottega Veneta and Gucci presented both men and women clothes during the same show.

The audience was overall very attracted to some trends because of their originality, and those trends will probably be the subject for the next fall/winter fashion styles.


Reviews about the Milan Fashion Week seem to confirm the appreciation of the audience towards an offer, which is particularly diversified in terms of brands’ creativity and of the presence of many important foreign brands.


Gucci’s collection was presented in the new location in Via Mecenate and, as already anticipated, it presented both men and women clothes at the same time during the same show. Moreover, the audience was very surprised by the choices of Alessandro Michele, the man who was able to revolutionize Gucci. In fact, trends of the Milan Fashion Week were to present clothes that tend towards the future.

The main theme of the Gucci’s collection was nature. This theme was very redundant as all of the clothes were very colorful and fancy. Most of the clothes had flowers printed on them like water lilies, white daisies, iris and roses or animals like beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, snakes and many more.

The Italian brand Edith Marcel had as subject of his fashion show clothes for fall/winter 2017-18. Its collection was non-gender glamour, with a moderated tailored style, and pretty neat. The fashion show was held in the “sala delle Cavallerizze” inside the Science and Technique museum, a new location chosen by the fashion Chamber.


Prada opted for adherent dresses and tiered skirts. Moreover, tailleurs were very surprising because they were made in velvet and the bra underneath was visible. Furthermore, the collection was also characterized by fringed dresses and leather hats. Shirts and skirts were made in silk and had divas printed on it in the style of selfies. Prada contaminated its creations by retaking ideas from the past. In fact, we can see hats and velvet baggy pants, which could perfectly match with a crochet top.


Woman was also the subject character of the Missoni fashion show. In fact, Angela during the show presented the “pussyhats”, which are hats with cat hears. These hats have become a symbol for women from all over the world who are against Donald Trump, who they consider to be sexist. Missoni dedicated part of its show to women rights, and this was also evident when Angela asked all the women who were watching the show to come up on the catwalk.

The main goal of this was to show that the fashion world has chosen to stand against the new US President.

Within foreign brands, the most appreciated was Ricostru, which was founded in Cina in 2011. The brand chose to present a retro style collection with very elegant suits, men pants, blazers, shawls, corsets, and low-necked dresses. Colors chosen for this collection were very bright but also black, metallic silver and rust color.

Kristina Ti, brand of the imaginative stylist Cristina Tardito from Turin. She opted for a more playful show, which confirms what already presented in the last seasons. The show was held in Corso Venezia inside the Bovara palace. This particular collection was inspired by the woman swan. The idea was to present clothes that could best emanate femininity without giving up a bit of provocative style. In other words: a more contemporary woman, less naà¯ve than in the past.

The clothes had swans and small flowers printed on them. Turtle neck sweaters, jumpsuits, oversize blouses and skirts made in embroidered and fret-worked wool were the main themes of the collection. Some of the oversize blouses were also worn as dresses, whereas, others had a more masculine cut and brighter colors. Kristina Ti also presented some clothers more appropriate for a night out. Those clothes were characterized by multi-colored glitters, polka-dots and lurex effects. Finally, regarding shoes, the brand presented on the catwalk some boots made in vinyl, “cavallino” or clogs in two versions: open or closed.

Like every fashion week, there must be someone who surprises the audience by thinking out of the box and leaving it speechless. This year was the case of Moschino. Moschino opened the show presenting the model Kendall Jenner wrapped in a tailleur that seemed made of cardboard and closed with a scotch tape instead of a belt. Plus, surprisingly, some rubbish bags were worn as mini dresses.

Marni, on the other hand chose to close the show presenting many quilted cocktail dresses similar to those of the pluriball, but even more special because of the sequin and discs used.


Jackets of the brand Emporio Armani were made in a very peculiar way with mouths, eyes and hands printed on them, which made them look surrealistic but fascinating at the same time.

Bottega Veneta left the audience speechless with its collection. The designer opted for double breasted coats with “diabolic” shoulder pads characterized by very feminine lines, which were enriched with a high-waist belt.

Jil Sander on the other hand, opted for knee-length skirts that were worn with turtle-neck sweaters on top: a very formal style.


Dolce & Gabbana as usual had to impress everyone. During the show, models worn faux fur gilets and hoods with hears. Accessories were the hit of the show and were those who made the collection even more unusual. For example, there were gloves with claws, bags with snouts and fake mustaches. Faux fur was also the main element of boots and hats from Marni.

Worth to be remembered were the painted lamb leather jacket and low-waist denim skirts with applied pockets from Diesel Black Gold.

Versace decorated his creations making them more sensual and dark at the same time using words like “courage”, “love” and “loyalty”.

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