Paris is probably one of the most romantic cities in the world. In one of my previous post I wrote my three favorites romantic places in Paris, and one of them in Place Trocadero, right in front the Eiffel Tower. This Iron tower, build in occasion in January 1887, exactly 100 years before I was born, in occasion of the Exposition Universelle de Paris de 1889, become symbol of Paris and whole France. Thousands of tourist and bloggers come to Paris to take emblematic photos and selfie in front of the tower. Recently this become the favorite blogger spot, as seen on Instagram.

Paris is also a Fashion Capital, and it’s my favorite destinations during the fashion weeks.

I took those photos during the Haute Couture Fashion week, which took place end of January. The weather is very cold, windy and some times even rainy and snowy.

I kept myself warm with my favorite fur, my adorable pink mink, so warm and soft. It gives a romantic touch to every outfit I wore.

A big trend for next fall winter seasons are hats. I love to wear hats in different size, shapes and colors. This one is a luxury piece unique designed and created by Karina Valdes, my best friends from Geneva. She only du Unique Pieces, so it’s more exclusive.

I titled this post “Romance Eiffel” because there is a touch of romance not only in the outfit but in the air, in fact I was there with my boyfriend. So he is the one who took me those photos.

karina-valdes-luxury-hat-design-paris-haute-couture karina-valdes-hat-design-paris-haute-couture-eiffelromance beautiful-apparel-paris-eifel-tower-style-blogger-feb-170 romance-eiffel-tower-love-paris-14-february-17 beautiful-apparel-paris-eifel-tower-style-blogger-feb-171 luxury-travel-blogger-paris-eiffel-tower-view-feb-170 luxury-travel-blogger-paris-eiffel-tower-view-feb-171 street-style-paris-eiffel-tower-fashionista-feb-17hello-paris-feb-2017 beautiful-apparel-fashion-blogger-paris-eiffel-tower-feb-17 chanel-chain-boots-paris--feb-17  j-adore-paris-je-t'aime-romance-eiffel-tower-lover-feb-17

From Paris with Love


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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