Occidentali’s Karma is the title of the song that won in Sanremo 2017 sung by Francesco Gabbani, also winner last year for the new proposals with the song “Amen”.

The new song of Francesco Gabbani, winner of Sanremo 2017, is a modern, ironic and funny.

The true meaning of the song is not so immediate, we must listen carefully as there are several puns, metaphors and philosophical references. The lyrics allude to the contrast and differences between the western and eastern culture, between being and appear. And that’s why the text makes several allusions to Eastern philosophies, citing Buddha and Nirvana; on the other hand he speaks of “panta rei”, Western aphorism by the greek philosopher Heraclitus meaning “everything flows”; as well as our society, the Wester Society, which is based on rampant consumerism, where products, trends, celebrities of the moment,  run away quickly. We live in a society where everything flows quickly and often forget the important things in life like the serenity and inner peace, typical of Eastern cultures.

Listen closely to the text and find the funny and ironic verses, such as “The Buddha is in a indian line” ..

“Namaste” word used in the text, means “mei I extend greetings to lovely person who is inside you”, a phrase that is used in India and Nepal and is used routinely to greet a person. Another example of differences between the two cultures, a deeper and more spiritual and the other, the western, more shallow.

Another criticism that the singer, Francesco Gabbani, does to the Western culture is that often people imitate the Eastern traditions to stay healthy, such as yoga, meditation, hoping to find the serenity and inner peace doing a course an hour a week. While yoga and meditation is a much more serious discipline that is practiced daily in order to have good results.

How did you have found the song by Francesco Gabbani? Did you like? Write your comment and let us know if you have found other anecdotes within the song.


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