Last Sunday I had the great opportunity to attend the Ski World Cup in St. Moritz directly from the grandstands. Usually I do not attend sports events, but since I’m Swiss and I love skiing I decided to attend this event and it is really worth it, it was really beautiful.

I arrived at Salastrains at 9.30 with an organized shuttle and when I arrived in the area under the grandstand was full of igloo with bars, shops and some tents that served food and drink. At 9:30 there was already full of people. I went to the stand where the first race began at 9.45 with the 30 among the 100 most talented skiers.

The first race went very well and many Swiss skiers were placed midst the first 20 places. Among the strongest there were many Austrians.

After the lunch break, at 13.30 it started the second race, the final, where skiers had to fight for the World Cup in just few seconds.

Unfortunately some Swiss have fallen or gone off track, and so they were eliminated from the race. The only Swiss that close the final slalom from the top 20 are Reto Schmidiger, in sixteenth position, with only 1″63 seconds of gap from the first one and Luca Aerni, nineteenth position, with 2″24 seconds of gap from the winner.

The World Cup is played in only few seconds, moments of tension, adrenaline and excitement not only for those who participate, but also for those watching from the stands. The atmosphere is happy and cheerful, in fact, all cheering for everyone, that’s the beauty of this sport, which is not applauding for your favorite skier or countrymen, but you rooting for the best.

The best this year was the Austrians to rank the first and second place on the podium.

Winner of the Ski World Cup is Marcel Hirscher followed by Manuel Feller with only 0”68 of a second behind.

In third place on the podium comes Felix Neureuther, Germany. The only Italian Ranked among the top 20 was Stefano Gross who was ranked ninth.

After witnessing the award I went to Salastrains restaurant with friends to drink a hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

Photo credit: Valentina and Lucrezia Nessi

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