On January 13, I had the pleasure and honor to participate in the Russian New Year celebration that was held at the Casino of Campione d’Italy.

The event was sponsored by the International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC).

Some historical about the Russian New Year: The Russian New Year is celebrated on the night 13 to 14 January. This date was chosen after the Russian revolution by a decree which established the use of the Gregorian calendar, whereas before it was used the Julian calendar also called the “old fashioned”. The difference between the two calendars is just thirteen days, then has maintained the tradition to also celebrate the Old New Year according to the “old” calendar.

Since that time, after the revolution, he began to celebrate the New Year on January 1, as in the rest of the world, but you kept the custom of celebrating the night of 13 January 14 in honor of the Old New Year (Starij Novyj god , in Russian) according to the Julian calendar. Even today, the Old New Year is an occasion to get together more to celebrate with family or friends.

Vera Atyushkina and Valentina Nessi

Stella Nessi and her daughter Valentina

During the evening there were several musical performances: a concert of ‘Orchestra “Opera Viva” directed by Maestro Andrea Cupia, different songs sung by soprano Olga Romanko, the famous cellist Maxim Beitan, spectacular ballets Body Dance Paris Show Bizz, in addition there was also a parade and Fur midnight the live speech by President Putin.

The event was sponsored by the International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC).


Valentina Nessi with russian singer Olga Romanko

Valentina Nessi with Nataliya Shtey President and Founder of International Art & Culture Foundation


A few minutes before the twelve chimes of the Kremlin clock beat midnight from the Spasskaya tower, the Russian president appears on TV for his customary greeting to the nation speech. It is said that if you fail to make a wish between the first and the last stroke, it will certainly come true.

During the Russian New Year it is also the custom to do different spells to guess the future, especially for unmarried girls. Such as going out at midnight and ask for the name to the first male passer, what will be the future name of the boyfriend. Otherwise a spell for all is that under the cups you put different ingredients and items: rooms that means tears, sugar means sweet life, wine is fun, wedding ring, the key means of removal and the currency wealth. Each in his turn chooses a cup and finds out what to expect in the new year.

All these traditions have their roots in the past, before the October Revolution despite 70 years of socialism, these traditions have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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