2016 RECAP


Hello everybody I am here to tell you all about my 2016, or better almost everything that has happened from the best to the worst moments of this past year! I did not entitle this post “The Best of 2016” as the previous years because it wasn’t really a good year. It was actually a very difficult year in all its aspects, so that I simply decided to call this post “2016 Recap” as a monthly recapitulation of what’s happened during the past year of the Monkey.


Starting from the beginning of January I was very motivated and full of good intentions and projects but at the end of this month I got a terrible news that really put me down. I lost my motivation, my happiness and I put away my personal business project to stay close to my family. For one month, all February I took a break from the blog and I didn’t post that much, almost anything. At the beginning of March I went to Nepal to start my very first charity project. As you might already know I have a no profit association called Vita with the mission to help people in needs. Last year in 2015 I did several charity events to raise money to help Nepal after the terrific Earthquake. I really want to follow this project in first person so I took a flight and flew to Nepal. The very first project was the distribution of 200 chimneys in the Makalu Valley, a very poor area in the Himalayas. This project gave a change to the daily life of people in the valley and the benefit to make the house warmer during the winter season and also to cook better. I made this project in collaboration with another Swiss association called “Mani per il Nepal”. During our stay we visited several schools with the intention to rebuild one that was damaged during the earthquake. I stayed in Nepal for two weeks; enough time to get acquainted to this place. When I got back to my Country, Switzerland, I had just one day to relax at home and the day after I went to Baselworld for five days. After Basel I took the train to Geneva to visit my best friend.


March was a very busy month, but April wasn’t less. I went to California, Los Angeles, mostly for personal reasons and holidays, I spent a weekend in Las Vegas and I also wanted to go to Coachella too, but unfortunately I couldn’t because of an aggression of my ex-boyfriend  and I went to the hospital. This was the most terrible period of the year, faraway from my family, sick and traumatized in the hospital for seven days. The longest and most terrible seven days of my life! When I finally arrived back home, the 7 of May I started to physically stay better, even if I was very weak, but psychologically I was very down, very sad and depressed. The darkest period of my life!

In May I had a surgery operation and for few weeks I was very weak and depressed. Hopefully my parents had the great idea to take me to Cannes for the Film Festival and thanks to a friend of mine I also did the Red Carpet for the movie premier of “The Neon Demon”. I was extremely happy and grateful for this beautiful opportunity.

At the end of May something magic happened to my life. I wanted to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix and no one wanted to come with me except for this young man, I didn’t know him very well, but I felt he was like an angel came to my life to bring me happiness and love. Little by little and very slowly I felt in love with him. Since the weekend in Monaco we no longer left each others and spent every single day together and my life started to shine again.



The summer of 2016 was very beautiful. We spent almost all of July in Cannes, in August we went to the mountains in Engadina, Swittzerland and then to the Italian Country side, where my grandma lives. During that period I started to paint. I discover in myself a little artist.

The summer of 2016 was very long, we went again in Cannes for the Yacht show and at the end of the month we went to Spain to meet my boyfriend’s brother who lives in Tarragona, near Barcellona. Then in October I went with my mother to Paris for the Fashion Week.



In November I left for Nepal with my parents, boyfriend and a group of friends. I continued my charity project and I also started a new design project, I started to create and produce my very first fashion collection in a factory in Nepal, this also helped local people to have jobs. A percentage of the salsas of my collection will be given back to charity to help rebuild a new factory and an orphanage in Sindupalchock. This was my second time in a year in Nepal. I met many new people and made new friends so I felt a little bit like being home. During this trip to Nepal I also made a six-day trek in the Himalayas. We walked an average of 7 hours per day, sometimes even eight hours a day and we reached a high of 3,280 meters in Poon Hill. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to everyone especially on the Himalayas.

Always in November I also have been in Bhutan, a very beautiful country with a Monarchy, a King and Queen that are involved to make the people happy. That’s why Bhutan is also called the Land of Happiness. Their religion is Buddhist and I had the opportunity to visit many monasteries, also the most famous one, the Monastery of Taktsang, also very well know as Tiger Nest.

If you remember my 2016 Resolutions I wrote that my intention was to visit and discover new countries, and in fact it was like this. Also in December, after Christmas, my mother and I chose to go to India to celebrate the New Year. We visited India for our very first time and we were both amazed by this Country full of colors and contrast. I will tell you more about my trip to India in the next post.

Now I would love to conclude this recapitulation with the best wishes of a New Year full of Health, Happiness, Love and Adventures of course.

With Love,


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Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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