Every year and every season the Pantone Color Institute proposes trendy colors for the season to come.


For Autumn & Winter 2016 colors are tenderly vivid without being too flashy. At the same time the colors are warm, enveloping, they give a sense of softness and tranquility. The strength and optimism are the main features of this palette.


The Blu Riverside and the Airy Blue recall the color of the sky in the warm autumn days, but also the color of lakes and rivers when the sky is slightly overcast from the sun’s rays, therefore they can not light the water as in summer time and make it sapphire blue or deep turquoise.


The Red shades of Aurora Red, Dusty Cedar and Potter’s Clay transmit the forces and optimism needed to pass the cold season. While the more bright and lively colors as the green Lush Meadow, the yellow Spicy Mustard and pink Bodacious give a feeling of joy and happiness.


According to Leatrice Eiseman, creative director of the Pantone Color Institue, she argues that: “the blue shades of the sky represent the constancy as they are always on top of us. The gray gives a feeling of stability, red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot pink, green and yellow mustard suggest an exotic touch”.


The trends of the colors of the Pantone Color Institute are not used only for fashion but also for interior design. Just think about armchairs, sofas, but also home furniture and the Nespresso coffee machine.


Seven interior design examples that are using the trendy colors of autumn & winter 2016:



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