How to prepare a winter wardrobe?

In this post you will find some winter wardrobe essentials you need to have and some tips how to wear it.

Winter is coming and the first cold days began. We must put aside the lighter clothes to start to prepare the winter wardrobe. How do you choose the most suitable clothes for the season and the essential accessories for the winter?

Here three winter essential accessories of always have in the wardrobe for the winter:

Gloves can be colored leather, fur or wool. The function of the glove is not only to protect the hand from the cold air, but it is a real fashion accessory that is trendy, also used in the evening with the most elegant gowns. Most glamor models are those embellished with studs, pearls or Swarovski. Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel brand, is a lover and fairly bearer of gloves, he wears them all year and, in each show features new models embellished with logo in pearls. Besides pearls and Swarovski, the gloves can be found around the wrist with a fur. Some people prefer wool gloves or rather those who prefer them in leather, there is always something for everyone.

Hats and caps: they have become in the recent years a trendy accessory. Both men and women use the hat in the city as well as in the mountains. They come in different shapes, materials and colors.


In addition to even hats wool caps in recent years they have taken over. models were created embellished with pom-poms of fur, lace mask, and even with orecchiette by Mickey Mouse or cat.

Scarves: They are required to protect the throat and to complete the look. The scarf is an accessory multi-purpose which can be used both by day in the city, to go skiing, but also in the evening over a dress, just find the model that best suits look. Thanks to a nice colorful scarf you can make a simple outfit more special and less monotonous. Even scarves, such as gloves and hats, there are different types: in thick wool or cashmere, even more warm and soft, a colorful print, embroidered with pompoms or fringe. There’s something for all tastes. The maxi scarf in vintage-thick wool and tartan scarves are the clear trend for winter 2016. For the most elegant and extravagant look it is the scarf fur coat, super chic for both day and evening; while the more traditional look is the camel or gray scarf that you can easily match with any outfit.


Here are some bloggers that set the trends.

  1. The beautiful and extravagant Lena Perminova wearing a maxi fur fox scarf in fluorescent yellow and white paired with a black mini dress and blacks in leather boots over the knee. A look very extravagant and flashy.
  2. Christine Andrew wearing a white wool scarf with pom-poms combined with a cap of the same style. Even Christine chose a metropolitan outfits with very sexy mini skirt and suede boots above the knee.
  1. Valentina Nessi wearing a light gray hue with cashmere tartan scarf combined with a gray skirt, twin-set black to white and gray diamond pattern and a hat in black wool cloth.
  2. Leonie Hanne wearing a scarf with gray accents with long fringes, tartan pants and coat in light gray woolen cloth.
  3. Chiara Ferragni wearing a black scarf embroidered with so many smileys teddies, proposed by Moschino.
  4. Thassia Naves, top Brazilian blogger, wearing a maxi scarf beige wool combined with a quilted coat and jeans with flowers.

Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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