How to dress during rainy days and be stylish at the same time?

If you think only about five or six years ago, the fashion accessories were not very fashonable. There were the terrific yellow plastic capes and in fluorescent yellow rubber boots or military greenfinch, while today the fashion houses offer a wide variety of jackets or rain coats and colorful rubber boots such as Emilio Pucci proposes a multi-colored print, Chanel proposes the rain boots in white or black rubber, but also red and fuchsia decorated with traditional camellia flower, symbol of Coco Chanel. Valentino proposes a rock-chic boot embellished with studs or flakes. Gucci addition to the classic monogram logo also proposes an issue with painted flowers. Dolce & Gabbana has proposed the beloved animal print and a faux lace effect; those boots you can wear it even with a very elegant evening dresses. Burberry instead remained traditional with the passing of years and offers the classic tartan printed in rubber.

How come the rubber for rain boots is used?

The caucciu’ is a natural rubber obtained through the coagulation process the extracted dall’Hevea brasiliensis latex. This material is impermeable is used not only for the boots but also for some capes from rain. Those who make more transparent trend are offered with metal studs by Valentino or black piping from Burberry.


In addition to boots and capes another essential accessory for rain is the umbrella that can be color block, with patterns, polka dots, or even transparent like the capes.


The secret of being super trendy in a rainy day is when you match the all the accessories together.

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