“Happiness is an attitude” This is my life motto! In life we always have to be happy and grateful not only when things in life going well, but also when the luck is not on our side because if you are smiling to life, life will smile to you!

I took those photos at Gotha Beach in Cannes on a Sunday afternoon where usually there is a nice beach and pool party. If you already follow me on Instagram @valentinanessi you might have seen my “happy sunday” photo, the one with the booty that create a little bit of gossip and buzz on the social media.

Let’s talk about fashion and style, in this post I wore a fascia bikini in turquoise / mint color embellished with crystal Swarovski and a new mirror sunglasses I found in the french market. I totally fall in love with those sunglasses!

Enjoy the photos and wish you a Happy Summer! Remember to always smile to life!

mint-bikini-fascia-fisico-sexy-body-goal-valentina-nessi-fashion-blogger-02 mint-bikini-costume-bagno-a-fascia-estate-2016-03 mint-bikini-swimwear-style-blogger-summer-16-04 mint-bikini-swimwear-style-blogger-summer-16-05 mint-bikini-swimwear-style-blogger-summer-16-06 mint-bikini-swimwear-style-blogger-summer-cannes-gotha-beach-07 mint-bikini-swimwear-style-blogger-happy-summer-16-08 sexy-body-goal-model-sport-illustrated-happy-wanderlust-gotha-beach-9 mint-bikini-dior-sunglasses-gotha-beach-summer-style-blogger-valentina-10

Wearing:Mint bikini, Dior Sunglasses at Gotha Beach in Cannes


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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