While in Cannes this summer I wore most of the time a turquoise or blue bikini, I almost forgot that I had this one to inside my luggage so I wore it to go on a Sunday beach party at Gotha beach in Cannes.

I took the photos during the sunset time, around 7pm or already 7.30, the perfect time when the sun goes down and the light become warmer and gold. That’s why this time is also called “golden hours”.

The beach party started around 5pm until 11pm in the night, it was absolutely amazing and I had a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos I took with my mom and wish you a happy summer!

coral-bikini-couture-valentina-fashion-blogger-summer-2016-02 coral-bikini-couture-gotha-beach-cannes-summer-2016-03 coral-bikini-girls-gotha-beach-cannes-summer-2016-04 coral-bikini-girls-gotha-beach-cannes-summer-2016-05 coral-bikini-girls-gotha-beach-cannes-summer-2016-06

Bikini of the day

Coral bikini, french mark sunglasses

location: Gotha Beach, Cannes, French Riviera

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