A Summer Day in Antibes


The day I went to Antibes, a little beautiful Village just few kilometers from Cannes, I wore a blue jumpsuit and a big white hat with a blue ribbon. Actually the outfit was very simple but glamour with the touch of the hat. Recently I discover on Instagram a page dedicated to all women or better ladies who love to wear hats; the page is called @ladieshats check it out, is very inspiring!

I started my summer day by the port of Antibes and then we went to visit the old town and the colorful little streets, typical of villages of the French Riviera. I love those locations to takes photos!

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follow-me-to-antibes-old-town-dame-traveler-travel-blogger-10 french-market-restaurant-antibes-11 world-of-wanderlust-antibes-street-style-blogger-dame-traveler-12 wanderlust-dame-traveler-street-style-blogger-antibes-13


jumpsuit – Zara Woman

Hat – Tropez Hats

Sunglasses – Bambood

Location, Antibes, French Riviera


Welcome to my world, my fashion world, hope you enjoy my adventures in life and in fashion.

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