The 14 July, is the French National Day. I went with family and friends at the beach in Cannes to do a picnic, we prepared prosciutto e melone, parmigiana, octopus salad and fruits salad. Of course we took also champagne and two bottle of rose wine.

We arrived at the beach around 7.30pm to took place near the water front. Then we had dinner at the beach and waited until 10pm for the fireworks, also called Festival d’Art Pyrotechnic.

The evening was very beautiful, but at the end of the night we had the terrible news about the terroristic attack in Nice, only few kilometers from Cannes. I was particularly shocked and scared that something could happened in Cannes also. After midnight I went for a little walk on the Croisette and it was completely empty, everybody run back home, probably scared that others attack will happened during the night in Cannes.

I pray all night and the day after for all the victims and theirs families. I pray everyday for World Peace.

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Jeans short by Zara

Shirt by Zara

Shoes Chanel espadrilles

Location: Public beach in Cannes

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